Wen MINE & STT Airdrop? SOON.


We admit, we will miss all the wens about snapshot, airdrop and details about this event. We will miss our beloved Rose telling you that it’s coming.

It’s time to let you know all the details.

We are too much into tech to believe in fairytales that the wens will ever stop. Especially since we have much more coming and we have also promised airdrops for $LUNA & $ANC stakers (no details about it yet, more to but it will come). But not to worry, every wen just makes our hearts warmer and our bond to the community stronger.

After taking in countless requests and suggestions from our TerraFloki Army/Community, we believe we have found the perfect balance for airdrop amount and frequency. Each community, as promised in our whitepaper since day 1, will be airdropped with 1% of TFLOKI total supply. This means that one million of our beloved TerraFlokis will be sent out to the community to spread the word. This will go straight to the wallets of MINE and STT stakers.
We will be doing airdrops once every two months for both communities. We’ll split that one percent into 30 sweet airdrops, so we will airdrop around 33,333.33 $TFLOKI on each community every two months.

The first snapshot will be done on 1 November at 18.00 UTC. The airdrop for STT stakers will then commence on 20 November. For MINE stakers it’s almost 2 weeks later on 1 December.

Thereafter, airdrops occur every two months, so the next snapshot will be in January, STT stakers airdrop on 20 January, MINE stakers airdrop on 1 February and so on. If this sounds confusing, we will keep you in the loop, no worries.

Airdrops will be distributed proportionally depending on the size of the allocation. However, our hearts will always belong with the little guys. Therefore we will not give the biggest airdrops to the whales and pennies for the fishes. Instead, with the goal of fairness, there will be a minimum and maximum allocation to be eligible for the airdrop .

This doesn’t mean that people with bigger allocations won’t get the TFLOKI airdrop. They will, but it will be capped so that smaller wallets can get a larger share of the airdrops. This way, we’re looking out for the smaller wallets and minimizing the risk of after-airdrop dumps. WAGMI.

Allocation size (tentative in case there is a violent swing in price for MINE/STT):

For MINE stakers:

  • minimum allocation is 700 MINE
  • maximum allocation is 105,000 MINE

For STT stakers:

  • minimum allocation is 20 STT
  • maximum allocation is 3,000 STT


What staking pool do I have to choose to qualify for the airdrop?

All you have to do is to be sure that you are staking your tokens in a single-asset staking pool of either STT or MINE.

StarTerra (STT) single-asset staking pools
Pylon (MINE) single-asset staking

What if I stake both?

Then ser, you are obliged for both airdrops of course. Twice the amount of TFLOKI for you.

Wouldn’t the whales just create multiple wallets to bypass the cap?

This is unavoidable as there will always be ways to game the system. We’re hoping the mechanics of the airdrop will deter this behavior. Also, if $TFLOKI is sent from one wallet to another, it will be taxed at 10% too (similar to selling $TFLOKI. Whales using multiple wallets will contribute to the 10% tax if they consolidate $TFLOKI into one wallet to farm for tickets.

The first ever deflationary token in Terraverse with gamified passive income for Floki NFTs owners