5 DIY Plans to Build a Spacious, Modern Tiny Home

We know that people around the globe are ditching their larger-than-required homes for a simple life in a tiny house. They are hiring best of professional tiny house designers and even building their own homes for a life of simplicity. The increased number of converted buses and car campers are an evidence of their changing lifestyles. These mini homes continue to inspire me, every time I spot one.

Tiny Home

But building a tiny home could be a daunting task for a non-professional. Let’s take a look at some amazing DIY tiny house plans that are designed by industry experts to give you step-by-step directions for building a spacious, modern tiny home.

In these DIY plans below, you’ll find diagrams, photos, blueprints, cut lists, and material lists too. Check them out and get started:

Ana White’s Free DIY Plan

This tiny house plan by Ana White is quite spacious for its dimensions. It boasts a private bedroom, full kitchen, loft and a great amount of storage. The complete plan is free of cost and gives a full how-to to builders. The plan includes building instructions, a video tour, floor plan, diagrams and color photos.

The end result is a modern and rustic tiny home for simple living!

Find the plan here

16X32 Tiny House Plan

A little larger than the usual micro homes, this house plan is perfect for dwellers who are a bit reluctant about switching to a tiny life. The 16X32 house can be built with a porch in only 480 square feet, and ceilings can be 8 feet high.

The plan is available in an easy-to-understand 8-page PDF file.

Find the plan here

Homesteader’s Cabin Plan

The famous Homesteader’s cabin can be built by simply following this free tiny house plan.

This home has a 12/12 roof and loft and is 12x24 feet long in dimension. The best part about this cabin house is that its lower level can fit a closet, bathroom, living room as well as kitchen. The loft can be used to create a higher ceiling or a second-floor living space.

The design can be changed according to your needs as an SKP file is included in the plan, with different views and respective dimensions of the house’s parts.

Find the plan here

8X5 Tiny House Plan

This is another amazing tiny house plan with great utilization of space. This is only a 8x12 foot house but is enough for a single dweller.

To make the building process easier, the PDF file includes all the framing details; 2x4s and 2x6s for the walls, floor and roof.

Find the plan here

12X12 Free Tiny House Plan

This house can be built easily.

The 12X12 feet house has enough room for a small kitchen with a sink, cabinets, counter space. Then, there’s more space for shelves and a desk. The ceilings of this house stand at 8 feet and the layout is as a loft.

It is available in a PDF format, which can be downloaded here:

Find the plan here

The above-mentioned DIY plans can help you build a tiny to a slightly bigger home. However, for a beginner, it can be a little daunting. You could also give our car camper guide a try. It’s quite easy and handy. Read it here.

Also, if you wish to downsize to a little house but are having a tough time building one yourself, connect with Terraform Tiny House. We’d love to help you with unique tiny house designs & plans, and even consulting.