Jagged Little Pill: An Essay
Alanis Morissette

I became close to the Jagged Little Pill album, Alanis. Very close.

I used it to eject my own anger, my own pain and to scream it out of me and into the walls and ceilings of wherever I was living at the time. I also used it to bring forth joy, revelation and the thrill of living if that was where my head space was at the time. I can’t say much more to emphasise how moving & important the experience of hearing these songs was, and is, for me.

I follow your music still (thank you for Thank You) and I have always been grateful for, and inspired by, your honesty, bravery and willingness to thrash out the internal struggle, in song. So thanks.

PS - And now I get to read your writing. Hoorah!

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