Lisbon, Day 2: Hanging at Home

I’m hanging out at home today, to keep Imogen company.

She hasn’t been eating and she’s licking her lips, which her vet said indicates that she’s nauseous.

After I ate my breakfast, she hopped up on the table and ate a bit. Hooray!

that’s my breakfast! toast with jam and nectarine ❤

It’s nice to take things easy today, check in with clients, and continue to make this little apartment feel more like home.

Imogen explored to the top of the 10-foot bookcase.

I can’t wait for my standing desk to arrive in 2 weeks. I got this one on Amazon and my dad is bringing it for me (no room in my suitcase!).

My back is killing me, so I really need that standing desk. I can actually feel a constant twitch below my right shoulder blade and I’m not used to looking down while I type. I am committed to an ergonomic workspace and this table and bench will not work in the long term.

I took this opportunity to update my online calendar so people can schedule appointments with me, and to write out my ideal day schedule. My ideal day and my online calendar don’t exactly match up yet! lol

I have to offer client appointments later in the day than I’m used to so that my American clients can find a time that works! But I feel like I’ll have some playtime and leisure in the morning, which might be a nice change. I’ll keep you posted on that. ;) I do work well in the afternoon/evening, so this could be ideal. But I also try to be mindful of late-night screen time interrupting my sleep.

Stir crazy

Around mid-afternoon, I had to get out and take a walk. A health food store, Terra Pura, is supposedly a 15-minute walk away, so I headed out on foot. No luck! But it was a nice walk.

Back in the apartment, I meditated and made salad for dinner. Salad! I boiled an egg that my Airbnb hostess had left for me, added the pasta veggies, and topped it off with pinto beans (I think.. maybe they were black-eyed peas). It was actually delicious and I wasn’t hungry.

Lessons learned

The fridge is small, like a college dorm fridge, so I have to figure out how to shop and cook for one, without storing a lot of leftovers. This is a drastic change from what I’m used to.

Google maps aren’t always accurate. I’m still not sure why I couldn’t find that health food store.

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