Moving to Portugal

I’m moving to Portugal in less than 2 months!

When people learn this, they ask why I’m moving to Portugal. That feels like 2 questions: why am I moving, and why Portugal.

Why I’m moving

I’ve had a stressful couple of years and I really need some alone time to take care of myself.

I’ve always wanted to live in Europe.

Now seems like a pretty good time to have a visa/permanent resident permit in another country.

Why Portugal

The first place I went when I decided I was moving out of the country was the Global Peace Index. Portugal is #3. I want to be with peaceful people. I crave peace.

Portugal is on the water. I’m craving water and everything that water means.

It’s sunny and warm. The people are sunny and warm. There are mountains and rivers and beaches.

I’m obsessed with trains and other reliable and efficient public transportation. But mostly trains. Lisbon and Porto have metro systems, and the whole country is connected by, you guessed it, trains.

I visited. It was nice. I had a chat with the moon and we agreed that everything would be alright and now is the time to take this step.

European explorers departed from Portugal and I’m on an exploration myself, so it seems to be a fitting place. (I discovered this connection after I decided that I was moving there. It feels serendipitous.)

What’s next

Imogen (my cat) is coming with me!

I’m still working through the visa process, which is confusing and intense. Send good wishes for a speedy visa.

What about my business

My business is coming with me, of course! I will still be teaching technology, but I will also offer more life and business coaching programs (based on this big move… giving yourself permission, saying YES to what you want, living the life you dream of).

I’m so grateful that my business supports me enough to make this move, and grateful to my friends and family who believe in me. You only get one life. Start living the one you want.

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