A Russian-operated cryptocurrency project TerraMiner leverages INNOSILICON A4+ chips to assemble a high-power mining rig in Shaoguan, China

As the cryptocurrency industry becomes more and more sophisticated, crypto enthusiasts realize that they must come together to create a mutual enterprise for a better partaker experience.

That’s how the founders of TerraMiner project came up with an idea of an ICO as a crowdfunding tool for a high-performance mining farm construction. To ensure a superior profitability, they started researching in order to find the best technical solution for the project. The project team scrutinized the latest releases and ascertained the reputation and expertise of companies all over the world. They also kept in mind that a partner to-be should be located not far from their future farm in Shaoguan, China, to decrease the fare expenses. It was also significant to them to obtain a fully customizable product.

It didn’t take TerraMiner long to figure out that the best option is INNOSILICON Technology LTD. The company has multinational R&D teams in China and North America that collaborate to provide customers with right-on digital solutions. TerraMiner and INNOSILICON discussed their expectations, and the mining project team were convinced that INNOSILICON are good for the job.

The parties signed an agreement on the 8th of August, 2017. TerraMiner farm will run on ASIC miners with A4+ chips from INNOSILICON Technology LTD, which are among the most high-performance chips available. These chips provide the utmost output along with a frugal power consumption.

The first batch of equipment was purchased in September, 2017. At the moment TerraMiner team assembles and installs LTC ASIC Miners based on INNOSILICON A4+chips.

TerraMiner is a ready made solution for those who are interested in cryptocurrency mining. While other farms offer investors a share for rent, TerraMiner sells it once and forever. Crypto enthusiasts from all over the globe are welcomed to join over 300 token owners who’ve already entrusted TerraMiner with their money and invested over $174 121.