At Terraminer, we employ skilled and committed individuals with a passion for their respective area of expertise and a strong belief in the work we do. We are eager to introduce you the people behind Terraminer and briefly detail their remit and scope. We hope to bring to your notice how they made a difference in their previous roles, and how they’re contributing to our project right now.

Pavel Kuznetsov is the founder and CEO of Terraminer. He holds more than two decades of experience as a certified mathematician, project manager and a major executive. After his graduation from Moscow State University, where he studied higher mathematics, Pavel started his career as a researcher at Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics in the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

To improve his knowledge of business management, Pavel entered Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. After becoming qualified in this field, Pavel brought his experience in calculus, probability, statistics and matrix algebra to business area. He proved that business management can be done way more effectively, when there’s a mathematician involved.

Prior to Terraminer, Pavel held senior positions in a Russian-German joint venture IVOTECH. Founded in 2008, the company has become a leading developer of computer accessories, including wireless gear and storage enclosure. In his time at IVOTECH, Pavel has led process improvements by focusing on finding ways to help customers achieve greater value from their enterprises.

Later Pavel was invited to join the “MAKS Insurance Company JSC”, one of the top insurance companies in Russia. As a head of the department, Pavel was responsible for the calculation of the drug provision program for customers. He leveraged his academic research experience and profound skills in economics and management to develop and implement a system of preferential drug provision in Russia.

Pavel has always excelled at identifying new opportunities, therefore when cryptocurrency became a global phenomenon, he could not but joined the stream. He made great use of his maths and business knowledge and experience by launching two successful cryptomoney mining projects, but this was not enough for him. As a visioner, Pavel sought an opportunity to bridge the gap between those who have access to a powerful mining equipment, and those who don’t.

That’s how he came up with an idea of Terraminer project. Then he handpicked his team members, who were intended to be not just a workforce, but a well-rounded and complementary team.
That was the message for today. In future posts we will continue to introduce you the Terraminer team, so stay tuned!

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