1. What makes the TerraMiner project different from other mining farms?

Three main differences of the project from others:

• The Terraminer farm will work on the unique equipment inaccessible to ordinary miners, with A4+ chips

• Everyone and not just large companies can become the co-owner of the farm capacities

• Getting TerraMiner tokens, investors become co-owners not only of the farm, but also of its equipment. They buy ready-to-work capacities for cryptocurrency production and can gain income from them right after the beginning of the farm work.

2. Who can buy the project tokens?

Anyone can buy the project tokens and become its investor — but only till December 1. After that sale of tokens to investors will stop.

3. What TerraMiner tokens purchase gives to investors?

Tokens are provided with the mining equipment. The more tokens — the more equipment, the more bitcoins are produced the higher is daily income. Capacities of the project aren’t rented, but are bought and become the investor’s property.

4. When the first dividends payment is planned?

In two months after the ICO launch.

5. Is it possible to sell TerraMiner tokens?

Yes, after POST-ICO tokens will be traded at the EtherDelta exchange for $8.4. The owner will be able to sell them any time — thus having transferred the rights for the equipment and income gained from it to the buyer.

6. Are there any discounts for tokens at the project initial stages?

In the ICO period tokens can be bought at 40% discount. The price of each one will be $5. The ICO expiration date is on November 1, 2017. Then within a month tokens will be sold at full cost. After that the tokens release will stop — they can only be sold.