Interview with Ogienko Antonina Sergeevna, head of the taxation methodology Department of ForteInvest JSC

✅ How do you feel about the cryptocurrency boom, do you consider the blockchain technology and cryptomoney to be an effective financial instrument?

I’m wary of any kind of boom. There are always those who blindly rush into any trend, and those who want to make money on a frenzy. However, fortunately, there are always those who embrace trends as an opportunity to to widen the scope, and leverage new possibilities to benefit not only themselves, but also the community. The same is relevant for the cryptoindustry: I trust only those projects that are responsibly approaching the matter. In general, blockchain technology is interesting, as it eliminates intermediaries in transactions and therefore gives people access to financial instruments at a minimum cost.

✅ You are an employee of an oil company. Do you think it’s true that oil and other non-renewable energy sources are gradually losing ground? Or vice versa, oil and gas are reliable, unlike digital and crypto, for the latter are not more than just a fashion?

For many years I’ve heard rumors that oil and gas will soon become irrelevant. But let’s be honest: most of modern production, transport systems and other spheres of life go with traditional energy sources. Of course, there is a future for renewable resources, but this future will not come at a blink of an eye: it will take decades to gradually reconfigure existing equipment. I think that in the modern economy there is a place for both proven resources and the new ones, among which are digital and crypto.

✅ Do you think investing in crypto mining is profitable? Isn’t it easier to invest in traditional assets, as business, phiatic currency, securities, etc.?

Any investor will confirm that you shouldn’t “keep all the eggs in one basket”. It is worthwhile to have different instruments in your investment portfolio, including precious metals, securities, venture investments and cryptocurrencies.

✅ What do you think of TerraMiner project? How do you feel about the idea of ​​ICO, do you think the company is promising, is it worth to trust the guarantees?

When evaluating any new project, I look at the experience and previous projects of the team members. I’ve seen a lot of bright-eyed youngsters with ideas “worth of a million”, but even the best idea is doomed if a person simply does not know how to manage business processes, delegate responsibilities, negotiate with suppliers, etc. In the TerraMiner project, it is important for me that the founders already have successfully operating cryptomining farms, as well as vast experience in related areas — business, programming and marketing. I also see that the headhunters of Pavel Kuznetsov managed to gather a “golden team”, where everyone fits together perfectly. Therefore, I’m not surprised when I look at the success of the project, and see lots of people buying tokens.

✅ What would you recommend those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and in our company?

I advise those who are still in doubt, to invest only in those projects where they purchase not only “thin air”, but something tangible, for example, a share in capacity, — that’s how project “TerraMiner” works. Also I advise them to choose those projects in which there is an opportunity to sell a share on the exchange, because there’s always a chance that you’ll need your money back at once. TerraMiner provides token holders this possibility as well. As concerning those who plan to invest in this project, I advise them get acquainted with the whitepaper and feel free to ask all the questions to the customer support service. As far as I know, they are quick to answer in social networks, by email and by phone. And, of course, good luck!