Practicing Discipline on the Road

Discipline- Brad Thor

The logistics of travel on my way home from San Fran yesterday really got me thinking. Between the food options, time zone changes, and the onslaught of distractions, just how could one REALLY stay focused towards any sort of fitness routine and/or diet?

I personally am no stranger to fitness, laziness, and flat out lack of discipline when it comes to my personal health. I have had a great physique along with one that took the figure of 245lbs on a 5'll frame; literally a brown teddy bear. Sigh. Then there’s my favorite. The excuses. Work. Lack of sleep. Lack of time. Family, especially children. That, however, is LIFE. With that being said, I know better than to let the excuses take over my aspirations. I always can find a way to “rationalize” why I shouldn’t do something much easier than taking action.

When we say, “I don’t have time for that…” to ourselves or others, we are quite literally brushing off taking action. That is just an easier way to say something isn’t a priority. Some things clearly won’t be and that is OK. Nonetheless, it is important for us to be able to recognize when we are taking the easy way out and simply not being our best.

Being our best for some is competition with others for measurement. On the other hand, a few specifically weigh their performance against their prior experiences. With that being said, I wanted to draw focus on our direct behaviors while acknowledging our human tendency to make excuses. For example, regardless of work or whatever the situation arises, we hear us all use these excuses being used when it comes to being active:

  • “I need to make sure I get my rest, otherwise, I cannot function tomorrow, so I’ll do it later.”
  • “Mornings/evenings aren’t good for me; I get distracted and have so much to do at that time.”
  • “The gym is too far…” or “the hotel gym is too crowded and/or lacking equipment.”
  • “I am too busy and barely have time to even see my family/kids/friends as it.”

Let me be clear. The struggle is REAL and I get it. However, call to mind a recent, unexpected emergency or work fire drill. None of us really like them but we are forced to deal with them and we find crafty ways to make sure we get it all done. We reassess the situation and adjust accordingly while always seemingly finishing everything needed. Or for you students who were given a project and procrastinated until the last few days, and yet, you seem to get everything in on time, though barely. For me, I choose to do things earlier before anybody is awake to avoid distraction mostly from my own mind.

Furthermore, I am saying that changing your behavior to get what you want is very difficult. Anyone who tells you it’s easy is straight up delusional. The more you practice (as with everything) the lifestyle you want to lead, the easier it’ll become. It will be uncomfortable getting up early. It will suck sometimes to pass up on food you enjoy. You’ll feel the FOMO when you go to bed a bit earlier skipping out on Netflix or while coworkers grab a cold one downstairs. In 6 to 8 weeks (varies) time, others are asking what are YOU doing to get ahead or “how” did you find time to simply do it. THAT right there is very empowering when others take notice. I’ll leave you with a quote I heard from Arnold Schwarzenegger that has always stuck with me. I hope you’ll read something here that will ignite that spark in you that will lead to a full fledge, uncontrollable, productive fire. #NerdsRule

“While you’re out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard. Someone is getting smarter and someone is winning. Just remember that.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger