“#EarlyMorningMusing. ‘Love’: it’s a word that evokes a myriad of emotional responses. Some of us have been so hurt by love that we have barricaded our hearts against any future love experiences. I did that too: I sought relationships and friendships that were void of true love in an effort never to be hurt by love again. My friends, this is no way to live. Some of you are in good relationships with wonderful people and you refuse to give those persons all of you because of what you have been through in the past: I’ve been there too. I do not mean to suggest that love won’t bring challenges, but true love brings with it a joy that only it can bring. My prayer for you is that you will allow love in your life again. Those persons that rejected your love in the past? Forgive them- they knew not what they were doing. Those persons in your life now that want to love you? Allow them to. This life is too hard to go through it without the comfort and solace that only love can bring. So today, love- love your family, love your neighbors, love your significant other, love your kids, love love love! Tear down that barricade around your heart, brick by brick. Your life will become far richer than you could have ever imagined.”
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