Happy Father’s Day — Here’s Sage Advice For Parents On Groundhog Day

1. Let’s create, prize and protect daily together moments.

  • Be home by, or close computers, by 5pm — change gear from work-focus to family-focus on the instant.
  • Stay off our phone and emails till after kids bedtime (and preferably till the next day.)
  • Play vibey music.
  • Go for a walk together or play in the garden.
  • Make a fire together (now that it’s Winter).
  • Enjoy dinner together and chat (using questions sometimes).
  • Read, chat, pray and cuddle with them at bedtime.

2. “Let’s limit what we say yes to outside this family.”

3. “Lets’ limit our emotional investment elsewhere.”

4. “Let’s get a little more organized.”

  • Golden hour — when everyone takes mandatory solo time, with zero interaction or screens allowed. Everyone, even the extroverts, need to learn to touch base with themselves.
  • Chore hour — when we divide-and-conquer a list of house-related things to do. Getting kids to do chores at different times has been impossibly complex.
  • Week ahead — on Sunday nights, there’s a quick pep-talk for and run-down of the week ahead. Nobody — not even kids — likes to fly blind into a week.

5. “Let’s enjoy our kids more.”

6. “Our kids are growing up at the perfect speed.”



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