Terraport ($TERRA)- Roadmap 2024

6 min readJan 27, 2024

We are excited to present our strategic roadmap, outlining the key next steps for the success and growth of Terraport Finance within the Terra Classic blockchain.

Q1 — 2024

  • CEX listing $TERRA
  • Developer section — Token Factory and Pair Factory
  • First Terraport Launchpad
  • Start V1 LP Refund
  • Presentation of Terraport Decentralized OrderBook

Q2 — 2024

  • Terraport v3
  • Concentrated Liquidity Pools
  • Dashboard for managing cross-chain assets
  • Cross-chain and Interchain swap

Q3 — 2024

  • Launchpool
  • Liquid Staking
  • Entertainment
  • Marketplace

Q4 — 2024

  • Derivatives Trading
  • New Multichain Wallet
  • Terraport Card
  • Gaming / NFT

1. Listing of the $TERRA Token on Tier 1 CEX

We are bringing $TERRA to a high-level centralized exchange platform. This will not only increase the visibility of our token but also make access easier for a wide range of new investors.

2. Developer Section: Token and Pair Factory

Token Factory is a tool that allows users to easily create their own CW20 tokens without having to write the entire smart contract from scratch and is totally CertiK audited. This module will provide contract templates and user interfaces that guide users through the process of creating a new token, managing aspects such as defining the total supply, the token denomination, and other characteristics. The pair factory is a tool that allows users to easily open a market for their tokens without having to setup things like price ratio, all is done in an automatic way.
Essentially, these factory modules are a way to democratize token and markets creation, making it accessible even to those who do not have a deep technical knowledge of how to write and deploy smart contracts.

3. Launchpad for New Projects on the Blockchain

Creativity and innovation are fundamental for growth. We will introduce a dedicated launchpad, a fertile space for launching new projects that will contribute to the diversification and expansion of the Terra Classic ecosystem.

4. Recovery Plan

Security is our top priority. Terraport Treasury is allocating specific funds to compensate users who have suffered losses due to the hack that occurred in April 2023, demonstrating our commitment to a safe and resilient platform.

5. Terraport Decentralized OrderBook

Decentralized OrderBook will be a type of digital ledger used in a decentralized exchange (DEX) to record all purchase and sale orders of cryptocurrencies or other digital assets. This ledger will be maintained on a blockchain, rather than on a central server managed by a single entity, thus offering greater security, transparency, and resistance to censorship. Decentralized orderbook will align with the DeFi philosophy of creating an open and accessible financial system, eliminating the need for trusted intermediaries.

6. Concentrated Liquidity Pool

Concentrated liquidity pools are an innovation in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space that aims to optimize capital efficiency within liquidity pools. Unlike traditional liquidity pools where liquidity is distributed evenly across the entire price range, concentrated liquidity pools allow liquidity providers (LPs) to allocate their funds within specific price ranges.
This means that an LP can choose to provide liquidity only within a certain price range where they expect trading activity to be more frequent. As a result, funds are used more efficiently since there is a higher likelihood of them being traded, leading to greater compensation for liquidity providers for each unit of capital deposited.

7. Cross-chain and Interchain

Interoperability is essential for growth. We will introduce cross-chain functionalities, enabling seamless token and coin exchanges and management between Terra Classic and other blockchain networks, thus expanding investment opportunities.

8. Launchpool

Launchpool is the mechanism that will allow investors to earn new tokens by participating in their initial distribution. It works by allowing users to stake or lock a certain amount of $TERRA for a predetermined period of time to earn rewards in the form of new tokens. This will help creators to distribute the new tokens more fairly, increase liquidity, and draw attention to their project while offering users the opportunity to obtain potentially valuable new tokens in exchange for the temporary locking of their assets, without having to sell them.

9. Liquid Staking

Enabling secondary markets on DeFi is essential for the growth of the network and to maximize the on-chain volume. We are developing an advanced liquid staking system that will allow users to maximize their returns without sacrificing immediate access to their assets, in this way the users can trade their staked Lunc and use that voting power from the Terraport Governance.

10. Entertainment

To ensure that our ecosystem is not only functional but also enjoyable, we introduce decentralized entertainment elements such as a Lottery, ‘The Button’ game, and Predictions to create an involved and entertained community.

11. Marketplace

A first on-chain Marketplace for purchasing products/gadgets using Cosmos cryptocurrencies will be opened.
It will be an online store “TerraShop” offering customizable products and technological gadgets, logos and designs associated with such as Terraport, Terra Classic Tokens, and other well-known crypto projects. These products allow fans to express their support for their favorite crypto projects and promote their visibility. The marketplace can also accept cryptocurrency payments and help build a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

12. Derivatives and Tokenization

Decentralized finance is evolving rapidly. We will implement derivatives and the tokenization of traditional assets, providing users with advanced options to diversify their portfolios and participate in new forms of investment.

13. MultiChain Wallet

We are working on developing an advanced wallet management dashboard that will seamlessly connect to various blockchain networks, including Terra Classic. This tool will provide users with a complete and uninterrupted experience in managing their digital assets.
For example, a user who holds cryptocurrencies on different blockchain networks will be able to view and manage all these assets within a single centralized dashboard.
In practice, this will offer greater convenience to users, allowing them to efficiently manage their portfolios across different blockchain networks without having to navigate between multiple platforms or use complex tools, especially for non-technical users. Users will be able to monitor their balances, conduct transactions, convert assets, and much more, all from a single user interface. This makes the asset management experience more user-friendly and accessible to a broader audience of users from various blockchain networks.

14. Terraport Card

Linked to the wallet project, Terraport aims to introduce “TerraCard”, an innovative debit card, which could revolutionize user interaction with the world of DeFi.
It allows users to use the cryptocurrencies held in DeFi to make real-world purchases, providing additional utility to these digital assets without having to go through centralized exchanges (CEX). Therefore, users can diversify their daily expenses using DeFi cryptocurrencies, enabling them to fully leverage decentralized financial opportunities.

15. Gaming / NFT

We are excited to explore the world of gaming and NFTs on the Terra Classic blockchain. We will introduce new ways for users to participate in decentralized 2D and 3D games and own unique NFTs that confer exclusive benefits.


This roadmap reflects our commitment to a future rich in opportunities and innovations. It gives indicative timelines for rollout that we aim to meet on a best endeavour basis and these times maybe subject to review dependant on factors such as TerraClassic governance, Terraport governance, market, technological, commercial and other factors beyond our control. We will continue to collaborate with our community to ensure that we meet your expectations and together build a stronger and more resilient Terra Classic ecosystem. We are open to further ideas and suggestions to shape the future of Terraport.

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Thank you for being part of this exciting journey!