Demon High School Rebel Girl Exorcists

Nick Murray
Jul 23, 2018 · 3 min read

A tabletop role-playing game for two to five people.

This game is designed to be played “straight out of the box” without the need for too much advance planning on the GMs part. However, if you like the basic setup, please do expand on the world, create your own maps of the school, new weapons and attributes. Let me know what you come up with on twitter.

Materials for Play
- 2d6/player
- Notepads and pencils

High school sucks at the best of times, but it just got even worse! A portal to a hell dimension has opened up in the school and demon biker punks are pouring out. Students and teachers are getting mauled. The building is being trashed. As much as you’d kill for the inevitable day off, you’ve got some actual killing to do. These demon dicks are on exchange at the wrong campus!

- Close the portal
- Evacuate surviving students and faculty
- Kick demon butt

One player is the GM and will control the demons. All other players are a rad gang of rebel girls thrown together by the peril they are facing.

Setup and character creation

The GM will lead the story, give the demon responses and actions, and describe the girl gang’s search for the portal. First the GM must create the layout of the school. Roll 1d6 and add 5. That is the total number of rooms in the school. On a piece of paper arrange that many rooms around a square, which represents a central quad. There must be one cafeteria, one principal’s office and one nurse’s office. Note these onto rooms of your choosing. You may choose to add a faculty room, a gymnasium and a science lab. The remaining rooms are classrooms. GM can choose which room contains the portal.

Roll 2d6 three times on the following table to create the demon horde that is occupying the school. (e.g. Flaming Hellbirds, Leather-clad Leviathan etc.)

Girl Gang Characters
Regular students are cowering in fear all over the school, but you are no regular students! You each have hidden skills. Roll 2d6 two times on the following table to arm your character.

Each player starts at full health. They can be: Wounded, Mortally Wounded (Take the lower number when rolling), Fainted (Can no longer move until healed by a team member).

When rolling take the higher number, unless you are mortally wounded at which point you take the lower number:
6: Succeed in what you are attempting. Regain health if you are wounded (mortally wounded goes to wounded). You cannot regain health in this way if you have fainted.
4–5: Succeed in what you are attempting.
1–3: You fail in what you are attempting. You become wounded (go down one health level from where you were).

All my games are available for free, here and on Itch. If you enjoy any of them and want to support the making of more, please consider buying me a coffee.

Nick Murray

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Writer, composer, performer. Waterworld enthusiast.

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