It was Thursday. Light rain drizzling outside, expected high of 73 degrees. I was leaving the Marriott in Champaign, Illinois after keynoting a conference of teacher educators sharing an inspirational message, drawing on insights from my research on students’ sense of belonging. As my Uber driver approached the hotel, I was surprised to see someone in the front passenger seat. Once inside the car, I offered my usual greeting — a polite nod and “headed to the airport please.” The driver smiled, nodded, and introduced his seatmate: “This is my daughter, Victoria; she’s just hanging out with dad today. Hope…

Over the past eight months, I have received many calls, emails, and questions regarding my departure from The Ohio State University (OSU). During this time, I have been deeply humbled by the many words of encouragement, love, and support that I have received from friends, colleagues, students, alumni, and acquaintances all across the country. I have been affirmed in my calling and commitment to be an engaged scholar, one who uses his duties of teaching, research, and service to make change in the world, especially for those who can’t speak for themselves or voices rarely heard in the academy. I…

Terrell L. Strayhorn, PhD

Socially-conscious professor, public speaker & provocateur. Academic, entrepreneur who eats dessert with every meal. @tlstrayhorn |

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