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Terrence Briggs
2 min readFeb 12, 2020


Diminutive coin

Do you want to mine with your laptop?
Do you want to own a coin with only 200k in existence?

If your answer is yes, then keep reading. But if your answer to all the above is no, well you can keep reading too — I won’t mind.

People often say that GPU mining is dead and sell their rigs to break even. Could they be more wrong? Mining is just gaining momentum in this case.

Let me introduce you to Diminutive coin, or in short DIMI. Relatively new HMQ1725 algorithm coin (provides the highest security levels by using 17 algorithms which are hashed 25 times), CPU and GPU mineable — yes even with your laptop.

The man behind this coin says its experimental. Yes, it’s experimental in that way dev won’t endorse putting your life savings into it. Second, he’s constantly improving the code, making it cleaner and giving it more security. If you put it like that, I’d say experimental or not count me in.

Still have doubts? Let me ask you this — which coin at first wasn’t experimental? Bitcoin was experimental, Ethereum was experimental, every single one is experimental till it gains hype and investors start believe in it. Why? No one could not predict nor see what the future of these coins would be and look at them now. They hold top 10 on CoinMarketCap.

There will be only 200k coins in total. What’s that telling you? Hint — low supply equals a higher price with no market saturation possible. Diminutive will be a perfect exchange utility coin by capping the coins at 200000 in its lifetime. Well, that’s one man’s opinion. Don’t hate the player — hate the game.

Diminutive has a POW and POS phase. To be clear, the rewards are small because of the low total supply, and that’s expected. Both POW and POS phases work simultaneously with miners being rewarded more coins. The exchange is in progress and will be active soon.

Final thoughts!

Let me be clear here, I do not endorse nor forcing anyone into anything, I just like the coin. DIMI has the potential to become a bright star in crypto sky. With an active dev, rising community and low supply I don’t see how it couldn’t succeed.

I know, I know — in this sea of coins how can one decide which to choose. I can’t point a finger and say this is it, it’s the one. I gave you my reasons; the rest is up to you. Stay well and don’t spend more than you can afford.

What a cliché.



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