When you make a decision …stick with it.

I fully believe that when you reach a point in your mind that the time is right. Then is time to go with your gut. Ok let me rewind a bit. My journey to this idea would take some time to get to , so i’m going to cut it down a bit. Over the years i’ve been a musician, somewhat a business owner, and then this crazy person who chases ideas. In that i learned a lot about how to reach points in my life where i have to make decisions that will make positive impacts in my life. Can i say i have all the answers…no i cant, but its a heck of a lot better than sitting on the side lines waiting to be anointed. Most people i come in contact with, just kinda of go at life as it happens. Never to make solid decisions to change their lives or the lives of people around them. And then they are amazed that life seems to pass the by. In the next several months i’ve committed to a decision to better my life thru ideas of social business broadcast-ed at high levels. I know this is a random post, but in time you will learn that tonight a made a decision for the best.

Look forward to talking with you more