Hi guys Terrence here and not sure if many of you know but wanted to share with you that snapchat been on the rise starting from Jun -Nov 2015 going from 2 billion views to 6 billion views.

As a hard snapchatter (lol) I’m always on top of their updates and been using it since 2013 but really saw the potential in snapchat in 2015 of the summer.

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@compania1 is my user name as in the image!

So as of yesterday as I read on http://Fortune.com Magazine was that is now in 2016 snapchats videos traffic has surged to 8 billion views when in the beginning of 2016 it was 7 billion. What snapchat also did was catch up to Facebook according to them having 8 billion views in November 2015. (Check out the article)

Thank you for reading my posts make sure that we connect on Snapchat looking forward to seeing you!