Stop Dreaming And Start Moving!

Let me ask you a serious question that has a lot to do with our lives and that is, How big is your dream and what are you doing to reach it? Now i don’t mean to literally stop dreaming, What I mean when i say that is explained below. Many of us have been dreaming since birth and I’m sure you remember the important ones. Do you remember any of the ones you felt were or may still be important to you till date. Dreaming can definitely take us to many places we can dream of being.

The reality and I believe is a dream is just that a dream without applied knowledge and ACTION. Don’t treat your dream as a lottery ticket (STOP THIS KIND OF DREAMING) You know the slogan (A Dollar And A Dream) and that’s exactly it is for many who play the lottery (A Dream) A dream that never arrives in most cases.

Let me know if you know anyone like your friends, family members, ex-girlfriends or boyfriends you know won that lotto yet? Of course not and think about the amount of money one spends playing the lottery looking for that dream.

Our dreams are simply what we imagine and for some that’s how far it goes. But if we allow the imagination fuel the dream then guess what it becomes, A True Dream Your Dreams. It’s going to take a little more that using our imagination to help fuel our dreams to come true. The next step to take is what? What do you think? I bet the word immediately popped inside your brain once you read the question. ACTION that’s right ACTION, Without it the dream will be DEAD. Our dreams can only be fueled by the amount of ACTION we take towards accomplishing them.

Remember when you were a child and had those enormous dreams because of the size of our imaginations at the time. Those are the moments we should never abandon as we become adults or are currently adults. Dream like you did as you were that kid again and you will start to see the many breakthroughs that will happen within your life. Keep this in mind my friend, that your belief in your dream and or dreams that you have need to be feed with 10X belief and with you knowing nothing will stop you from reaching them. No one can STOP you but you my friend and truly you can’t afford not to go after your dreams and turn them into a reality.


Thank You,

Terrence Freeman

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