Your Other Self!

Have you ever felt like you just don’t have it in you do more? Feel like you just want to give it all up whatever that may be in your hearts desire. We all have dreams and those dreams come to us as we sleep and we store them in our subconscious mind. Even our visions we create in our minds manifest's right before our very eyes.

The impulse of life is very real and it has it’s own heart beat as we have ours in our bodies. Like we always hear that there are two sides to every story right? Universally or Spiritually it’s the same for us humans.

The other self, Your other self who is he/she what does your other self says about you now? Just like we walk around and move around conscientiously (knowing) Our subconscious mind is just like your other self.

The difference with dealing with your other self is simply this, That you will be well aware that your other self is always with you and aware of what thoughts you have currently and are your thoughts right now serving to do more, be more, and give more?! Everyone of us have a purpose not hope, Hope is for the weak and I’m not saying hoping isn’t good and what i mean about hope is, Is that hoping just isn’t enough and I’m sure you have heard your other self say this to you repeatedly.

Your Other Self is what will and can help you get out of certain circumstances that just are turning into problems and more problems each time you turn a corner in the street bam right in your face. But If you just let the other self (you) handle it by just letting it out and accepting it and dealing with the problems head on and let your other self handle it.

There will be one side of your brain telling you no you can’t do it and that wouldn’t work that just isn’t right and so on and so on. Just like with family I’m sure you have dealt with as they will be the first to put you down and say those exact same things you will be saying to yourself consciously rather than letting your other self subconsciously help guide you and help you handle that problem and or problems.

This is why I truly believe if we store the right information that will help serve us better, then naturally our other self will serve us much better than what we have experienced to date. Remember your other self is and will be always with you and you might as well get to know your other self and work together and GROW!

Thank You For Your Time and Thank You For Lending Me Your Other Self Reading This Article, Appreciate You!

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