I had a debt of nearly 1 million dollars and a struggling business that required I cut every single cost I could so out of desperation to keep my apartment I rented my bedroom to a stripper who always paid rent on time and in cash!

Try this simple exercise to refocus on your positive contributions to a healthy relationship

Struggling in the dating scene? Maybe it’s your self image!

write down all…

Being open to the unintended path of your life. A true story.

Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/paulwasneski/

Everyone’s got stress, anxiety and drama in their life from the busiest world leaders to retired grandmas living in the burbs… but have you ever asked:

How is my anxiety serving me?

I’ve come to realize something important about the commonality of stress in our lives — we need it, in fact we crave it. But is it serving us?

Let’s come clean about our anxiety!

During a study abroad program in the South of France with a photography teacher named Denis Brihat a gang of students set out enthusiastically to photograph the beauty of the South of France, when Denis said something profound “Remember, infinity is in front of you always”. That simple idea gave me pause as I was composing my shot feeling a connection to something greater. It changed forever how I would see the world around me.

From my “When the shit hits the fan” series of managing my own life crises.

There are other paths to sobriety, I’m proof you don’t need AA to quit (and it’s a lot easier than you think you can quit just by reading this page, seriously).

Identify your triggers


“There is something wrong at the factory” was the subject line of the email but the message only said “sent from my iPhone”. It left me wondering what the hell could be going on halfway around the world in China as I was sat teetering at the edge of my bed drowsy from another sleepless night.

The idea of “being green” needs a radical transformation if we are to have real impact on climate change in the coming years.

[…] all the recycled candy wrappers made into totes won’t do shit to stem the rising CO2.

Terrence Kelleman

Inventor, Artist and Single Dad. Founder of DYNOMIGHTY and the inspiration junkie behind the BE MIGHTY Street Art Project. linktr.ee/dynomightydesign

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