This is what education cuts really look like in rural America
Chase Sova

I really don’t like the way you worded this:
> the drive for privatized education has prevailed in Madison, with inner-city voucher programs absorbing increasing portions of state funds.

The phrase “inner-city” is code for black, as if the voucher program is defunding rural white schools to benefit a bunch of lazy “takers”. Its true that low graduation rates and poor test scores in urban Milwaukee schools were the justification for the initial voucher program, but the expansion is designed to fund exclusive private schools for rich white kids. The vouchers only pay for a portion of the cost of these schools so they are not much use for poor kids of all colors. Vouchers provide a handout to rich parents who could already afford the cost of private school.

75% of state voucher program applicants already attend private school:

And you wrongly place the blame on Madison and the federal government. This push to privatize education is not coming from the residents of out capital city, it is coming from the Republican majority in our Legislature guided by Scott Walker.

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