Blaming Hillary
Michael Arnovitz

“It doesn’t seem to occur to many liberals that conservatives have a completely different view of reality than we do, and those liberals who are aware of this don’t take it nearly as seriously as they should.” I’d love to hear you expound on that. Because I am at a complete loss trying to understand them.

I don’t agree with your assertion that “any Democrat” would be facing this from “any Republican.” And I don’t understand why you think Sanders would be doing worse against Trump than Clinton is.

Plenty of Republicans I know would have preferred Bernie over Trump. Some in safely red states actually voted for him hoping to keep Hillary off the ballot. And every single poll I saw during the primaries showed Bernie beating Trump handily, while Clinton was either even with him or behind him.

Hillary Clinton is the ONE Democrat the Republicans hate even more than President Obama. Whatever the cause, whether it’s reasonable or not, it is what it is. When she wins we’re going to have four more years of obstruction and blind partisanship. Nothing will get done on infrastructure, health care or education. Bernie has been crossing the aisle safely and regularly for years. He had power, he had momentum — and he had a lot more than just millennials. I’m 53 and my mom’s 74. We regularly polled the people in our pro-Bernie Facebook group (over 50k) for ages and locations and we were all over the map.

Democrats will probably lose the Senate in 2018 if not before, and when we lose the presidency in 2020, the icing on top will be the Republicans gerrymandering the shit out of us again. Happy census year!

When Donald was just ridiculous and stupid, I used to say I’d rather have him come in and be an idiot for a few years [we survived Bush!] and then Warren could take over and we’d get stuff done. Now that he’s moved from ridiculous to dangerous, I’m left with Hillary. Since I live in all-important Ohio, I don’t really have the luxury to write-in Bernie like I want to, so I’ll vote for her. But I’m going to try really hard not to think about that until the day I have to fill in that dot.