Be willing to openly talk about Asperger’s and support those around you that have it, in whatever limited capacity
In Our Own Language: The Hidden World of Asperger’s
Allistair Everett

Dang! A male family member (and maybe his dad, too) is 56. I’ve never understood how he could seem so… everything you described. A genius, computer-obsessed, has never held a real job until recently. Specialized academic high school, accepted and attended and left before completing a degree at a top school. Then Air Force, then tennis bum, then Mr mom with computer stuff on the side for many years, drove taxi cabs for many years. Many relationships, many children with different moms, off and on heavy drinker. Now does contract technical work, moving all over the country every 3 to 6 months with his current spouse, living in residential hotels. Can talk about his passions for hours but interpersonal skills, not so good. Now I can hardly remember him looking me in my eye. I know it’s not fair to assume he has Asperger but, boy, does it fit. My brain went ding, ding, ding! while reading your experience. I don’t think he knows or suspects. I think if he did, it would help him. But his mom would freak! Of course, she’s eighty so we’ll leave her out if the equation. Any ideas on how to approach the subject with him. We’re kind of close, I think. Lol!

Thank you for sharing your story. You certainly could save a life.

Kind regards, Terrie Williams

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