Crab-ass Oldies who love Medium seek Age Filter
molly burke kirova

Hi Molly, I’m 62 and I am definitely feeling you. I had quite a bad night because some of the thoughtless, cruel things said to me here on Medium yesterday by a young something who had no idea who I am, what I am, what life experience I have to offer and who could care less. I was insulted and I am seriously giving thought to resigning my membership. I didn’t come here for that. I could probably be her grandmother.

I like to read a wide variety of material. I hope to continue to grow my world knowledge. I had hopes it could be here. Now I am not so sure. It doesn’t really feel safe for me here. I read the rules and couldn’t see anything that prevented me from being personally attacked the way I was. I found that interesting.

After reading some of the profiles from articles recommended to me, I came a similar conclusion. An age filter might help.

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