Oh Terrie!
Jack Herlocker

I let my daughter read it first and give permission to publish. She said she couldn’t believe my memories of the details. I had a couple of dates wrong.

Anyway, she said that it took her right back in time and that it was hard to read emotionally but she gave me permission to share it. My grandson hasn’t commented yet but he’s a humble kind of guy.

That photo is one of my favorite. That day was interesting because he had just gotten titanic legs and had been doing physical therapy so he could do the “walk” with just a walker. We cried because he strode through that walk like I’m a man. Head up, shoulders back.

For the first time, you couldn’t tell that he had orthotics. I never wanted a long lens so much in my life. It was amazing to see, to experience and the audience knew it.

Thanks for the feedback, Jack Herlocker .

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