Life is nothing but a series of short stories.

My life too consists of so many stories, here I am going to share one of them with you. It was when I was six or seven years old but this incidence still brings back vivid memories. My father was a police inspector and for most of his service period he was posted in rural areas. That day we were shifting to our new home, which was about a 4 hour drive away. Due to some reason we left after sunset and it was not advised to travel at night in that area. In those days, roads were not good and sometimes wild animals could be seen on the road. Anyway my father had to join in the morning so we could not postpone our journey so we took a leap of faith.

After covering half of the distance suddenly driver stopped the van in the middle of nowhere. Everybody looked at the driver, he silenced us by signalling towards the road it was pitch dark outside and some shining dots were visible on the road then he whispered that those were not lights but eyes of wild elephants. Hearing about “WILD ELEPHANTS” scared the daylights out of us. We could not see them as the driver had already turned off the headlights, but their trumpets, rumbles, thuds, falling of trees made us aware of their presence. After two-three hours they left the road till then we remained in pin drop silence, remembering all deities. After another two hour journey we reached home tired and shocked, thanking the gods for keeping us safe.

Still, whenever I think about that night it gives me goosebumps.