Learning to live like a roommate with my children

I recently visited Mumbai as both my sons are working there. Once they left for further studies and jobs, for years we could hardly spent time together for more than a week. So when my elder one asked me to stay with them for a longer duration, I made arrangements and packed my bags. My husband couldn’t join me because one of us needed to be at home to take care of his parents.

Lifestyle of the new generation is quite different than that of ours, they are intelligent, focused , want to live life on their own terms and conditions. They don’t interfere each other’s life. Earlier we encouraged them, supported them now our role reversed.

It was a very different experience for me compared to wherever I had lived earlier. At my parent’s place, I was taught how should a daughter should carry herself. At my in-law’s place, it was about learning their ways. And now, in this phase of life, I am learning how to live with my children like them. I swear to god it’s the toughest lesson to learn because as parents we are accustomed to instruct them.

How my I feel while using a computer. (source: www.cathub.tv)

I embraced this new phase with enthusiasm and open arms. This time learning the way of the millennials. They love my cooking but they wanted me to explore other fields too. They kept me away from household activities as much as they could. Now when I wasn’t busy with preparing breakfast, doing laundry, chik-chik with maids etc, which they were managing. Living life this way was beyond my imagination and it was an awesome feeling. Now when the roles were reversed things which took most part of my day were suddenly no longer needed, which gave me a lot of free time.

Today’s world is the world of the internet in which we are novice, my children just want to make me tech-friendly. Sometimes things became difficult to adapt, as I was not accustomed to all this but I enjoyed every bit of it. Using the internet, apps, android phones is something which doesn’t comes to me naturally but I have to learn because it is today’s necessity. One can do many chores from home if you know how to use these gadgets. I learned to use the internet to book tickets for a movie, order groceries, book cabs, play games etc. There is still more to learn like reserve train or plane tickets, operate bank accounts, managing hotel booking, planning vacations etc. the list is as long as my needs.

While I was there, I spent more time on my hobbies and things which I couldn’t find time for. It was very relaxing and exhilarating. As a result, I could and I continue to explore the writer in me and see what comes next as a painter, a pianist, and a blogger.

Well after all sky’s the limit!

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