Piloting Your Life: In-Flight Entertainment (Aug 21 , 2018)

Welcome Back My Transitional Passengers:

Escape room birthday fun with my daughter Rei

My daughter Rei (AKA Rachel) turned 14 over the weekend and we had a day filled with surprises and celebrations. I love celebrating birthdays and try to make them special for those individuals in my family who actually enjoy celebrating them. My husband would rather not (I learned that one the hard way a few years ago) and my son is somewhat cynical about a lot of things…it must be because he’s 17. We surprised Rei with an escape room at the end of the day which was enjoyed by all. And yes, we figured it out before the time was up.

Adam, Alyssa, Zeke, Rei, Terri, Julia

We now have two kids in high school…Rei who is just starting her freshman year and Adam who is wrapping up his high school tenure as a senior. I had a moment last week when I realized that we had just about a year until Adam is off to college. I’d been so excited for him starting his senior year, working on college applications, and making sure we are supporting him and not micromanaging him that I was totally taken aback when I realized that we only have a year left with him at home. I couldn’t breathe.

Adam and Rei

As I look at so many of my friends taking kids to college for the first time, I am reminded of the need to enjoy and savor every moment with my kidlets even if it means bringing along Adam’s girlfriend and one of Rei’s besties (usually Julia). Fortunately, I like Adam’s girlfriend Alyssa and Rei’s friend Julia is like another daughter to me. And Adam’s generally a better sport when Alyssa’s around, thank goodness.

Alyssa and Adam

This year, apparently, is going to be full of tension and discomfort as we all find new ways to be in the world. My producer and bestie Jacqueline reminded me that it’s ok to have the tension; that it doesn’t mean anything is necessarily wrong. Rei gets to explore who she is at a new school and make new friends. Adam gets to be more responsible and write about who he is, who he has been, and who he wants to be in his college application essays. And Zeke and I get to rediscover who we are as our kids need us less and less. It’s uncomfortable, and necessary, and totally age appropriate.

Zuko AKA Zukalicious

And fortunately, there’s this little guy for me to bury my face into when I can’t stop the tears from falling.

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