The Adventures of IBLE

This is a story about an adventurous man, we’ll call him Ible.

It was turning out to be a sunny, warm and pleasant winter afternoon.

Ible is the kind of man who takes great delight in spending time with his family as a polar bear takes delight in icebergs.

And this particular day was no exception, he had planned a special day with his brothers. As they were showing of there soccer skills to one another, Ible received a text message asking if he was planning on coming into the office that day.

It was his boss.

After a few back and forth messages he received a message that read, “Would like to visit with you if possible.”

Ible had no intention of going into the office that Saturday, this was going to throw a wrentch in the day he had planned out with his siblings.

But as it worked out, Ible was able to figure a time that worked for both of them that night.

On the drive to the office Ible’s mind raced with reasons for such an urgent meeting like a tide rushing towards the shoreline. But stayed as peaceful as an eagle soaring through the air.

He reached his destination, the office. He walked in the door, dropped his backpack off in his office and went into his boss's office with a water bottle and a bag of raw pumpkin seeds in hand. They were his after workout snack as he came straight from the gym.

His boss, we’ll call him Kie, sat next to him in a chair adjacent to him and asked.

“Well there Ible, are you happy working here?”

“Hmm … happy, that’s not how I liked describing things. Coming into this position I knew it would be demanding, tiring and rewarding. And it’s been all of the above. I’m actually meeting with a mentor on Monday to guide me through the challenges I am facing. And I’m also reading a book that’s shedding a lot of light onto how I have been feeling. So happy, nah I don’t like describing things in that terms, thankful … yes.”

He continued, “Just think, if you asked a mountaineer if they were happy through the toughest times, most probably wouldn’t use the word happy but thankful for the experience and growth through the process. Yeah, that’s how I feel.”

The room fell silent. No not as silent as the overused expression of being able to hear a pin drop or a mouse, but just silent.

“We have decided to go in a different direction Ible. I have been tasked with bringing this news to you. We’ll give you the option to resign, if you chose not to, we’ll have to fire you.”

Ible’s facial expression appeared as though he had just seen a man eat 50 hot dogs in a minute, stunned. And the water streaming down his face resembled that of Niagara Falls, flowing mightily. His nose becoming full of, OK you know, like a Thanksgiving Turkey being stuffed with stuffing.

Ible replied with a quivering, tender voice of, “OK. I feel blind-sided by this decision. Is there anyway I can continue here?”

The answer Ible heard was, “No, I’m sorry.”

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