Michelle Marks is dead, Brock Turner is a rapist, & men are still blaming literally every single…
laura louise

just wondering, where are you in the war on men?

the one that the courts say shouldnt get more than every other weekend with their kids. the one that courts say should pay alimony to women who do work. the one that says men ( if they are lucky enough to get 50/50 custody) where men still pay child support. if its 50/50 there should be NO support. the one where men can be falsely accused of rape and the person doing the accusing does no time. the one where men and women who have sex with their students and the women do probation while the men do time. the one where men are abused and no one believes them. the one where boys are treated worse in school then the little girls. the one where there are special programs for women who are homeless/need an education but men are left in the dust. the one where a woman can kill her boyfriend and be spared the death penalty and the man will be put to death. the one where the falsely accused rapist is still treated as a rapist and forced off campus .

i could go on and on, but im sure by now you get the point.

when that world is equal we can talk

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