Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

Unfortunately, you are exactly right. I am a child of the deep South, with most of my family (and my husband’s) still living in the same places we left many years ago. Even when they try to sound progressive, the undertone of racism and white privilege comes shining through. The book “Hillbilly Elegy” summed it up perfectly. They know that coal mining and manufacturing jobs from fifty years ago aren’t coming back, yet they blame it on the scary black president because it fits their narrative. If any of these people truly wanted to do better for themselves and their families, they would be supporting candidates who understand that only twenty first century job training and education can move them forward. They would not have elected a governor in Kentucky who promised to “take away” their newly acquired healthcare. They would never have voted for a Donald Trump, who has no real interest in making their lives, or the lives of their children better. The saddest thing I heard after the election was an NPR interview with the mayor of a small western Pennsylvania town, decimated by the loss of its steel mill almost twenty years ago. He knew fully well that Donald Trump could not bring the steel industry back, but they voted for him “hoping” that he might move one of his China factories into their area. In other words, these people continue to “drink the sand”, not because they don’t know better, but because apparently a lying white guy is a more fit leader, than someone who might actually challenge them to get off the porches of their mobile homes and join the rapidly evolving work force!

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