Time To Get Closer To Nature With A Kakadu Tour

The Kakadu National Park is located in the in the northern territory of the country, and is a spectacular tourist attractions in Australia. Nowhere else in Australia can anyone get so closer to the awe-inspiring tropical habitats, wildlife, the Aboriginal culture and swim in the natural waterfalls. You can experience the Kakadu tour across the park, which is spread around 3.2 million acres in size. The park is a one of it’s kind, which protects the catchment area of the South Alligator River.

The only thing which may concern you for your Kakadu 4wd tour is the staggering 200,000 visitors a year. Most of the crowd come up at the same time of the year, which may hamper your experience with the nature.

Here are a few hacks to follow if you want to experience the Kakadu tour in the best possible way, which is enjoying the exclusive wildlife and getting closer to nature:

Plan The Kakadu Tour At The Right Time

We would suggest you that the best time of the year for a Kakadu 4wd tour is the middle of the dry season, which is from June to August. This time of the year has an amazing temperature and the park is not crowded by many tourists. We recommend you to dodge the crowd by scheduling your Kakadu 4wd tour accordingly. It would be warm in May or September you ask? Well, the nature has provided the beautiful waterfalls and rock pools for you to get rid of the warmth.

Select The Right Areas To Visit

Most of the tourists come into the Kakadu Park from its northern entrance. Instead, we suggest you to skip the left turn from the south of Darwin and continue moving forward Pine Creek, and take a left turn. This road will take you to the southern entrance of the park. From here, you can easily reach the amazing waterfalls, such as the Maguk and Gunlom. Also, if you start your Kakadu 4wd tour from the northern entrance, you might miss on these beautiful places.

Pick The Right Ride

The gravel roads running throughout the Kakadu National Park are well maintained. Yet there are some areas of the park which can be reached out only via a 4wd vehicle. You can hire a Kakadu 4wd tour vehicle and reach out every corner of the park and leave other tourists behind.

Or Walk, If You Wish To

It is not important that the Kakadu tour has to be on a 4wd. There are many walking tracks running throughout the park. It is upto the tourists to pick from short to long walks and even plan out an overnight trip. The more you will walk into the park, the more you will experience the nature and the wildlife, making your Kakadu tour a memory for a lifetime.