Every Late Night Talk Show Is A Sleazy Plutocratic Rim Job
Caitlin Johnstone

Laughter to me is just that, laughing at why I deem funny. Wow, you have given laughter a lofty goal. What did you write, “building social cohesion “, yikes, that is asking a lot of comedians. We don’t even expect that of our President anymore.

Comedians go for the jugular, always have.

Bill Clinton was persecuted over his affairs, it was great. Some awesome jokes. Poor Jimmy Carter, the Peanut farmer and his half wit brother was wonderful fodder for comedians when I was a kid.

You just change the channel if the joke isn’t up your alley.

I loved Tim Allen’s show, “Last Man Standing”,he nailed Obama, I laughed, hard.

Oh, and “All in the Family” from my childhood, too funny.

Not sure those jokes always created social cohesion, man sometimes my Dad was ticked and sometimes he laughed, other times the channel changed or the television went off with a lot of grumbling however he never shouted they should shut up or whined about their paycheck.

On the other hand, he did grumble about politicians, their paychecks, their duty to serve the American people and our duty to vote and be informed.

I’m so glad my Dad taught us that our information and learning should come from sources other than comedians or television shows. Therefore, our laughter is just us laughing at what we choose to find funny after our own learning.

Personally, I’m thinking our religions and politicians are suppose to create social cohesion however both seem to struggle at such a gigantic goal and therefore I’m thinking comedians are just doing what the rest of us are doing, trying to hang in there, in their mansions,because hey, if the people are laughing at the jokes then they might as well cash in and that my folks is the American way. Just ask our Billionaire President. In the end,we are all just doing are best to Make America Great Again!