JS/TS is killing me. Now that I use Rust everyday, I have to try Yew, a front framework for Rust to create WASM apps, I spotted it long time ago but it wasn’t mature enough for my use case… guess what — now is the time ! The project is still alive and well !

Rust fullstack dev it is.

Part 1: Setup and basics

Let’s start with the basics, how to install it.

Create file app.rs:


And… yeah, that’s it. In this example I added Header and Root in app.rs, (we will come…

It’s been a year since I wrote a little proxy with Rust, it is one of my first projects with this language and I learned a lot writing it. To sum up a bit, the main goal of this proxy is to be really simple to use and easy to extend with middlewares. It targets HTTP APIs and can be used in front of a lot of services. This proxy has been used in multiple projects, with microservices architecture and so on…

Why this proxy ?

As said earlier, we are working on a micro-services architecture. The first thing I needed was an authentication…

Yesterday, I ran into a wall. The benchmarking wall.

Some of you are thinking, what’s that all about ? What “benchmarking wall” ? *Sigh* Well… Have you ever tried to benchmark your Rails API in less than 30 minutes ? Open your most recent project and do it, then tell me, how much time did it take ?

Either you’ll have to write some “PerformanceTests” for your API, make them get along with you RSpec tests, configure them etc.. or run tools that do magical things, buying cloud based solutions and so on. But what if I just want to…

First of all, choosing a technology must be done by writing down your needs and looking for the most fitting tech.

That’s what I’ve done, I’m building multiple APIs for an early-stage product to be commercialized soon, small team, big expectations, you know that feeling, right ?

By being the only back-end dev in the team, I wanted something that I can replicate for the services built, beginning with the same framework. I mean, who wants to write the same base configuration over and over in such a short period of time ?

The project will consist in 3 APIs…

Terry Raimondo

Rust/Ruby dev & CTO @ Getpro

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