The Serviceman, Chapter 30

30 — Two for One

The Old Woman was dead, The Cop tried his best to revive her with CPR. The EMT’s arrived less than five minutes from the time the call went out and they did everything in their power but The Old Woman was dead. The flag and medals lay on the floor near her head, with the remnants of the sticky patches on top of the flag. The Serviceman watched the lifeless body but did not have the same feelings as when caused the death of his victims but he had a bigger problem; what to do with the new system? He was asked to wait for the coroner and was questioned by The Cop’s supervisor about the incident. The Serviceman phone rang, it was his supervisor, slurring his words from having too many cocktails during his dinner. Just cap off the system and return the unit back to the shop. As he finished the call, The Cop walked into the room, looked down at the corpse and shook his head as if he were blaming himself for her death, started to say something to The Serviceman and stopped before the words flowed from his mouth. The Serviceman returned to the kitchen, capped off the pipes then wheeled the new water heater to the rear of his truck, tipped it into the bed, placed the dolly beside the heater, secured the tailgate and returned to the cab of his truck. Darkness had set in as The Serviceman drove through the dark streets of the poor neighborhood. As he turned the corner and drove several blocks, he noticed a figure standing on a corner under a streetlight with only shadows of light beaming through the branches of tree which had grown around the light. As The Serviceman started to pass the figure, he turned and looked into the eyes of the skinny black man just as the man flipped him off, as if for punishment for looking at him. Something inside The Serviceman burned as he drove on for several blocks, turned right on a dark street and parked his truck between two abandoned houses. As he stepped out of his truck, he reached back, leaned the seat forward and retrieved his bow and camouflage jumpsuit. As he slipped into the suit, he could hear his heartbeat and it became louder as he pulled the camo netting over his face, “the excitement of the hunt”, he thought to himself as he started walking through the shadows towards the corner. As he made his way through the darkness, he crossed the street, he was just a block away and noticed another person had joined the skinny black man. The Serviceman wondered how long he would have to wait to get a shot off or would they leave together and take away his opportunity. As he closed in to the corner he could hear the men arguing and as he crept into the bushes, he was less than fifteen feet away from the men who were enthralled with each other and then the shove came from the skinny black man which caused the man to stumble backwards and was less than five feet from the Serviceman. The skinny black man followed the other man as he stumbled backwards and grabbed the man by his hair, the man grabbed the skinny black man by his T-shirt and lifted him up. The Serviceman raised his bow and let the Broad head arrow fly. The sound of the arrow cutting through both men sounded like someone taking a hard punch to the chest. The arrow deflected off the rib cage of the skinny black man and went through a window with a crash and suddenly a light came on from the house. The skinny black man crawled towards the light as the other man fell backwards into the bushes, where The Serviceman was hiding. As the man was dying he looked up into the eyes of his murderer as he choked a final breath.


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