My Phone Alarm Rings | Glitch Art by Terry Bain

My Phone Alarm Rings

a n d I ignore the
thirty thousand 
spoons devouring the day at once
and must give that monkey a job 
if I don’t 
give that monkey a j o b
the thirty thousand spoons 
will end me I will weep will 
say b r e a the I

breathe the breath the earth 
hold & hold don’t 
summarize my day’ll 
e * xhale

afflicted by thisss
meditation and hisss 
unusual crossing collision
suffocation et nursing et medication et

hands move blind under
with me or without ennui
if indeed needed air oxygen hello 
heaping gulps of thought 
of every item of the house and earth 
the hot molten blood of 
motion-moving-hands slather whatever 
palaver the back black takes takeon over 
it makes it 
make-o may co-

your friend & snakes
your goddamn hands move motion
blind alone shallow dust 
hello let us come and not direct or make 
you yours in our vein that sameway some


a fuck give 
every every every 
make the run rimming hands 
headlong your arms your hips your 
your toes your breast your tongue
your kiss

br ea th

hiss and choke and swallow*up*pop and h a c k
f u ck I’m ex-no-ex-hausted 
go now drive aloud pick up your daughter 
the school won’t keep her click
not now not ever 
ten thou-sand spoons unspent
rotted dissolved rust red
blood its blood drained blindly mol