At the Table With Terry: Sidewalks & Highway 160

Terry Brown
May 10 · 2 min read

With the airport, light rail and our shared border with South Carolina District 3 is the Gateway to Charlotte. Our campaign is built on our shared vision of an inclusive, sustainable, affordable Charlotte. As a district representative one of my top priorities is strengthening the infrastructure throughout District 3. Our roads are a key part of that. Having well maintained roads and sidewalks and a robust and efficient public transportation system are vital to our city’s success. The city of Charlotte maintains 2,400 miles of streets, and 2,250 miles of sidewalk.


The thoroughfares of Charlotte are governed by the Charlotte Department of Transportation and the NC Department of Transportation respectively. CDOT maintains city streets, the installation of traffic signals and other neighborhood services such as repairing potholes, and asphalt resurfacing. NCDOT maintains state roads throughout the city and our highways.


One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since starting our grassroots campaign are the state of our sidewalks. Sidewalks are a MAJOR problem in District 3. Sidewalks abruptly stop and at many areas they don’t even exist. As your representative on City Council I will make improving our sidewalks a priority. Creating a walkable community is important to the future of Charlotte. Creating more sidewalks throughout District 3 have the benefit of creating a healthier, more accessible community.

Highway 160

As I’ve traveled throughout the District one of the biggest complaints is traffic, particularly Highway 160. I recently sat down with a constituent who told me that if they have to go from Steele Creek to uptown they need to budget at minimum 90 minutes to make it up high way 160. That’s unacceptable. That’s time that could be spent at work or with family. The good news is that NCDOT has approved over $33 million of funds to improve Highway 160. That includes widening the highway to 4 lanes, add bike lanes, and sidewalks from Shopton Road to the State-line. Construction is supposed to take begin in 2022 and take about a year.

Transportation is pivotal to creating an inclusive, accessible, affordable city. I will continue to advance existing city transportation initiatives such as Vision Zero and be your direct connection and advocate for transportation improvements through District 3. Let’s make District 3 connected and accessible.


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Proposed Highway 160 Expansion

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