Carl White lll

Is a young entrepreneur out of Atlanta Georgia,he’s made a name for himself for being business savvy and creating his own clothing brand. I’ve known Mr. White III for about 5 years now. We actually went to school together at one point in time. I caught up with him to see how he’s doing and did a Q&A:

1.What got you into fashion?

“Since I was young I’ve always loved fashion and loved wearing distinct clothes that fit my style and separated me from the crowd. Whenever I had on a nice outfit it made me have a better feeling and more enthusiasm to start my day.”

2. What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

“I love business, the long nights of working, the set-backs, the game planning, strategizing, every component, but what makes me lead towards business the most is…leadership. Being able to help others on my team learn everything that I know and guide them in the right direction is what I like to do the most.”

3. How long have you been doing what you do?

“I’ve been involved in business since I was about 10 years old whether it was having my own lemonade stand or selling candy in school. I always found a way.”

4. What does being a businessman mean to you?

“Being a businessman means being consistent and knowing how to execute your ideas the right way. Being a great businessman means making others around you better from your lead, because people feed off your energy to set the tone.”

5. What is the importance of being self-made?

“The importance of being self-made is your mindset with a focused mindset and faith in God anything can be done but no man can accomplish any big goal without help from others. So being self-made also means knowing you can’t do everything on your own and achieving greatness takes more than one great mind to accomplish the goal.”

6. If there is someone you model your fashion sense after, who would it be?

“I model my fashion after myself. I have my own feelfor style and fashion. I never looked up to any specific style.”

7. What are your favorite brands and or designers?

Billionaire Boys Club

8. Style or comfort?


9. If you would model your business savvy after someone who would it be?

P. Diddy and Kevin Systrom because of their vision and determination to achieve goals, get things done and lead others. It’s exactly what I try to do.”

10. What moves do you plan on making in the future?

I’m currently involved in the Tech Industry now. I have a project that I’ve been working hard on that will be releasing later this year. Be on the lookout.”

11. Do you think the hip-hop industry has influenced and changed the fashion industry?

“Yes for sure.The majority of hip-hop fans look at what their favorite artists wear and somewhat model their styles after it. The hip-hop industry always puts out new waves and starts new trends of styles… even from back in the 90’s when all the rappers wore baggy clothes. Now most of the artists wear tight fitted clothes and as you can see it has shifted to everyday fashion.”

At only 19 Carl is an extremely motivated young-man and works for everything he wants. He is very articulate and definitely one to look out for in the world of fashion and Technology.

FLY Familia Clothing

FLY Familia clothing is Carl’s brand in which he created. He said “Fly Familia stands for ‘Fly as in style, Familia as in connected’. Meaning the way you dress is nice & whoever wears the brand is connected to one another because they have a relatable fly sense of style.” A lot of people have been forthcoming to his branding.


His clothing brand has been doing really well and I suggest you look out for in the future. Carl has a really bright future ahead of him and has many goals and future endeavors coming up. His work ethic will take him a lot of places and this was just one of man.

Twitter : @CarlWhitelll Instagram: @realcw3

My twitter : @BJT_ERA



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