Amiri’s gift — a children’s book on cerebral palsy

Amiri Dean at 9 years old during a trip to American Girl on Magnificent Mile

Amiri Dean is my daughter. Buttercup is the nickname I gave her after she was born. She was born with cerebral palsy. She has what’s called spastic cerebral palsy, the most severe form of the condition. She can’t walk or speak; she needs assistance with all of her needs.

Many children’s books are written about special needs children, and with special needs kids as characters

As Amiri reached toddler age, I thought about writing a children’s book about her condition. There are many children’s books about special needs children, and with those kids as main characters.

But I haven’t come across too many where the main character has a condition like spastic cerebral palsy. How can you have a main human character who can neither speak, walk or do things on his or her own?

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