How to Calm your Inner Polarity

Are you tired of that inner tug of war that’s happening inside of you?

Polarity is a experience we all partake in and resist! Definition (the state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects)

We live in these polarities and sway in conflict from one end of the spectrum to another! Back and forth between what we judge as good or bad!










Our mind has been conditioned to resist what we judge as bad which only keeps it in place and or creates an inner struggle! For some this is a real and exhausting battle within!

Sooner or later we must deal with this aspect of the self!

You can do this by allowing and accepting these states of being as natural and normal states! They are part of the ebb and flow of life! At one time you decided they were not!

Rather than interfering in our plans and happiness if they are accepted, felt and experienced then you can enjoy the center point * which allows all to exist and you are no longer tangled up by this inner conflict!

Having said that, here is a exercise you can try when you find yourself in conflict with your own inner drives and opposition!

1.Close your eyes and imagine in one hand your opposition to your desire! Eg. no money, debt, sadness, frustration etc, with your inner vision, put it all in one hand! See it, focus on it and allow yourself to feel what ever comes up for you without judgement for about 10 -20 seconds! Feel this part of you!

2. In the other hand place what you want to see happen! Eg. More money than you need, happiness generosity, gratitude, fun etc. (keep it simple) now do the same thing here! Focus and feel the experience in this hand for 10 -20 seconds!

3. Now, focus your attention on both hands at once!

You will then enter the center point and a release or a feeling of ease will enter you!

That’s it!

Do this as many times as you like, let me know what you experience from the exercise, below!

Terry Dika Volchoff
Transformational Catalyst
Success Begins and Ends on the Inside

What are you willing to do to propel yourself forward into a life you love to the destination you most desire?

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