I was thinking today about how we are more determined as toddlers than we are sometimes as adults! Ooop!

Yes, I see how thank goodness, as toddler’s, we don’t give up on walking just because we didn’t get the results we wanted the first time. Without question, without going over it in our head a thousand times, without disappointment we just get up again and go for it!

What happened to this part of us when we reach adulthood?
It’s in there inside you somewhere.
So why not use this same inner context you had as a toddler and stop looking at why things might not work and just keep moving forward.

I know it was easier when you were a toddler no bills to pay, no mind chatter to deal with, you were taken care of.

Well it might be time to face some facts here, some obvious truths, No one is going to take care of you, make you happy, pay your bills give you some magic pill that retrieves your inner toddler, determination.

No one is going to value you more than you can!

You added a lot to yourself since those years, haven’t you?

You’ve learned persistence, a good sense of right and wrong, strength from all you’ve been through, wisdom and a lot more.
You’ve got one shot at this life, but you can Take as MANY shots as you want to create a life you can enjoy again with the same glee and matter a fact way you did as a toddler.

You gotta just keep walking, you gotta stop falling for your own excuses, you gotta keep going until you reached that place that fills the unfulfilled needs inside of you that can and most definitely will create a life you love.

Who cares how many times you have to try?? The toddler in you doesn’t care and neither should the ADULT you are!
I’ve personally spent thousands upon thousands on making my life better from the inside out.

Like a toddler I just kept going till I could walk with confidence in my life. It was that important to me! So yes, I didn’t quit after one attempt. I actually literally couldn’t walk a few short years ago. Good thing that toddler in me rose up. lol

How important is your inner well being, your happiness the legacy you are passing on for your family to follow? How important is #projectyou ?

Keep walking , keep swinging and eventually you’ll walk it right out of the park!

So, what would life look like for you and your loved ones if you were, stronger, happier, content from the inside out? What would your life look like then?

Terry Dika Volchoff
Transformational Catalyst
Success Begins and Ends on the Inside

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