Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect!

It is a basic human need to feel like we belong.When we don’t feel secure inside, like we belong ,it can churn inside you, as some kind of unfulfilled longing that you just can’t put your finger on!

If you have come from a family that was attentive to your needs.
If those from past generations were inclusive and loving.
If your parents were available for you.
If you were treated with respect and dignity.

Then you have the courage to meet life and be imperfect, knowing it will all work out just like it did at home.You feel secure inside and the outside world matches it! You know you belong where you are, you belong in life. You have the courage to build your dream life!

But, if there was trauma and drama when you grew up, if there was tragedy and loss in any form, early deaths, accidents, etc. then inside of us we can be left wondering, what our place is in life.

Confused, unsure of what we want, what to do. Uneasy about our place in life. Essentially an underlying feeling of “where do I belong?”

An unsatisfied need to belong is not a good recipe for an appetizing life. You will unconsciously attract and find proof that you don’t belong. Perpetuating doubt, confusion, restlessness and failure in some or several areas of life. Including finances, relationships and even health.
This inner need can and should be explored if you want to thrive in life!

Terry Dika Volchoff
Transformational Catalyst
Success Begins and Ends on the Inside

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