Let Me Point out to you How Ridiculous the Trump Tech Meeting Was
Mark Suster

“Hypocritical”? Wow. Some of us believe we should watch what an officeholder actually does. I trust you were similarly aghast at Bill Clinton when he appointed his wife (non-elected and certainly a case of nepotism) to head the job of re-imagining, negotiating and re-writing US healthcare. She failed at it, of course but that’s another story. And then during the campaign, Hillary certainly must have caused you to be apocalyptic when she let the world know that her unelected husband would be put “in charge of fixing the economy”. Man, that was insane, huh? Certainly, your outrage must have been deafening compared to having someone who has not taken the oath of office have his family in a room for a meeting with tech leaders that ultimately, by all accounts, had no outcome other than to provide a socially acceptable level of graciousness to open a door that allows dialog in the future. Considering the verbal bombs thrown by both sides during the election, that seems like something that shouldn’t invite disparagement. My conclusion is that there really isn’t a line that is left and right. There’s actually a circle. At the top of the circle are normal, sane people. There is a leaning on both the left and right side of the circle. Where they meet at the bottom is where this article/blog/nonsense lives — a bunch of left and right conspiracy theory wackos that sit around with tinfoil hats.

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