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H.R. 676 is a single payer, Improved Medicare for All health care financing system that would provide comprehensive medical, dental and vision care for 100% of the citizenry. Would there be a tax increase? Of course, as they say, “There is no free lunch”. However the tax increase would be progressive and for 95% of us the increase would be less what we currently pay in insurance premiums not to mention copays and deductibles. In fact it is estimated that the average family of four would save about $5000.00 annually.

Benefits: A healthy populace, lower health care costs, a stronger economy

Please do some research on H.R. 676 and learn how it can benefit you and your family.

On July 24 there is going to be a march in DC supporting Medicare for All. Many cities around the nation will also host marches at the same time. Get involved, be proactive, support H.R. 676.

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