How To Have Recruiting Success 100% Of The Time

Terry J Gremaux @ TheLiveNetworker.Com

Stumbling through Facebook at 2 AM this morning after a long flight home from Sri Lanka (on our honeymoon), I found myself reading something very particularly intriguing in my newsfeed.

A former mentor that has had incredible success in network marketing stated something to the tune of, if you would just make the “optional” mandatory then you’d change the entire direction of your life. If you think about it, you already know what you need to do.

You know that it’s about eyes on the presentation but it’s a touch inconvenient or uncomfortable, therefore you don’t do it. You have now put the optional word into your business and whenever you have the optional word present, you typically don’t do. How do we fix this little (BIG) issue?

Let’s make the situation ridiculous.

Say I come to your house and put a gun to your head to prospect. If you don’t prospect 20 people today, I’ll pull the trigger. It’s bad but easy to get out of. You need to get on this webinar or I’m pulling the trigger.

Of course, you’ll prospect you little butt off because if you don’t, your life is over. It’s done with. All those questions you’ve had about when you die, well, they’re going to be answered now, aren’t they?

What if you ran your business like this? If you pictured me standing there making you prospect, would you talk to people then?

All those activities (money-making ones) that you continue to make optional need to become mandatory before you’ll be successful. Do you think I want to give you a webinar each week?

Well, I do like it but I gotta say, I’d like to do other stuff a lot of the time but I’ve made that a mandatory part of my life because I want to impact thousands of lives. — you’ll want to head over here to get the rest of this juicy article and relatively amazing content.

I want you to read it and apply what I teach you in that post like I’ve got a gun to your head. Actually put into action what I tell you and the strategies will cause you to completely change your business.

In fact, this will go into your life as well and the next time you’re thinking about spoiling your wife, you will. Fall in love again — life is worth it. Check it out!

Terry J Gremaux

“The Live Networker”

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