Sales Tips That Most Don’t Know | The Take Away

Do you have a ton of people telling you NO? Do you not know why?

Sales tips are great, but this one is tremendous.

If you are not doing it, I think you’ll double your results right away!

Read on to find out what I mean.

Sales Tips For Success

Here are some sales tips I wrote about a couple days ago with social media that I really think you’ll like.

So, inside of network marketing and really all sales, you don’t want to pressure sell.

This doesn’t work and people will feel guilty for buying & return.

So all in all, get rid of pressure selling.

So, what works instead?

Sales Tips Of The Day: Give A Takeaway

You need to stay the course if you want to win, like I talk about in this post here.

So, in network marketing you want them to think you don’t need them. You’d love to have them, but you don’t need them.

So, in today’s sales tips, before the presentation let them know this probably isn’t a fit for them.

Crazy right? This makes there mind change and instead be thinking of pressure, they are saying to themselves,”no I will decide that”

I am telling you this is HUGE!

An excellent resource on sales tips from Entrepreneur magazine I thought you’d enjoy!

What I do before the presentation — 3 step setup

1. Let them know why I am doing my business.

2. Tell them it’s a big deal and why.

3. Tell them I don’t care if they join (don’t say that but thats what you are saying.

More sales tips in this video! Enjoy!

Comment below & join the conversation about your sales tips of the day!

To your abundance,

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