Social Media Strategy For Business Development

I don’t really care who you are and what business you are currently in. Your customers and prospective customers are using social media.

My question is… What is your social media strategy to capitalize on them.

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If You Don’t Have A Social Media Strategy…

When you think about developing a social media strategy you need to look at the platform.

In this example, we are talking about Facebook.

Facebook is simply a social network. To many people focus on getting information out there.

This is about getting social. It’s about engaging with other people.

Here are 9 BIG things people do WRONG on Facebook.

1. They post links.

Stop doing this. It is not working at all. Seriously now! Stop it.

2. They don’t focus on relationships!

Seriously. It’s always about relationships and always will be about relationships. So please stop the madness. Just stop it.

3. They pitch people all the time.

I mean… Do you like to be sold to or just like to buy.

I actually tell you the other 9 in this FREE PDF.

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Talk soon…

Terry & Felicia

PS… Did this help your social media strategy?

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