Super Effective Follow-Up Strategy For You

Terry J Gremaux @

Most people in the industry will tell you that talking to people is the very most important skill you could ever have… And they are right.

But most of us think that means… Signing up people the first time you talk with them.

You’ve got to understand that, this never happens. Well, very seldom even with the rockstars way better than I’ll ever be. They even have to… Follow up with prospects.

But the question remains, how to follow up… What to say… How many times should we do it… What does it consist of… And a whole bunch of other things…

And I wanted to dive into that today (plus I put together a pretty awesome process to follow here)

But you’ve got to really understand that MOST people come into network marketing after you’ve chatted with them at least 6 to 9 times after 1st exposure.

This stat should shake you up a bit… 96% of people QUIT after the 2nd try or attempt.

This simply means that if you just outlast everyone else, you’ll have the ability to make more m.o.n.e.y. and have more team members. Yes, that’s the deal.

If it just takes time, why not just get good at time and stop derailing yourself every time you don’t close someone on the first try. It’s kinda crazy of you!

Follow this process when following up and pass it along to your team mates. I’m sure they’ll love it as well!

Talk soon,

Terry J Gremaux

“The Live Networker”