Giving You a Million Reasons…. Lady Gaga “Joanne”

Lady Gaga released a new album in Oct 2016. This will be a landmark album and one that we are still listening at the end of 2017 and beyond. You should pay some attention to it now.

I have not been a huge fan of Gaga. Not dislike, just more indifferent. And lets get real, I am not her demo. 48 year old white male. But on Joanne she teamed up with Mark Ronson among others and I think this album is honest, open reflection and has its roots in rock and roll. It demands my attention.

For me this is one of the rare pop albums that I enjoy listening to from the first song to the last. The album is fun, rocking and each song different enough to hold my attention. Plus the added bonus of her slower song so not suck. Joanne and Angel Down which are moving and demand that I listen to what she is saying. The album has it all.

So here are some of my simple thoughts on the different tracks.

The first single released was Perfect Illusion is the perfect name for this song because the song when placed in the context of the album is clearly out of place and I feel close to hitting skip then it comes on. I personally think this was a hold over song from a previous GAGA time. Do not judge the album by this song.

The Standout on the album by far is “Hey Girl” featuring Florence Welch

John Wayne will be the pop/radio song. I love the sound and the driving beat. I would start here.

The other standouts “Diamond Heart” and “A-YO” — upbeat pop songs but that have interesting structure and instruments.

Then there are the slower more inspiring songs that draw me in. Angel Down challenges us to think who our neighbor is… Is it us and them or is it a we? Great song.

The title track Joanne is a beautiful song that has a simple and clean acoustic guitar progression supported but a nice rhythm in the chorus. When you listen you can her the personal nature of the song. It makes me want to sing along.

I am not a reviewer and I do not play one on the internet. Nor does Lady Gaga need my review to boost her album sales. But I really wanted to take a moment to get out there and make sure you LISTENED TO THE WHOLE ALBUM. Start to finish. In order. Not on Shuffle. Do that and let me know your thoughts.